Sage Green Pottery

What Colors Make a Sage Green Pottery? The best 15 Vases to shop for!

Sage is a beautiful, calming gray-green color, but you won’t find it in many painting palettes on its own. Initially, it is an equal mix of the tertiary colors citron and slate, however, it is up to you what hue of sage you prefer.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to mix your own custom shade of sage to match your taste, and here is one of the recipes for making sage green with acrylic paint.

How Do You Make Sage Green With Acrylic Paint?

Basically, since this color is a light mossy green with a pinch of gray, you should begin with a base of yellow and blue to create green. Once you’ve achieved green, you can add gray and adjust the mixture to find the right color balance that will lead to your desired sage green.

First, you need to mix 2 parts of yellow paint with 1 part of blue to get a basic green. Take a bowl or a plate, and use a paintbrush or palette knife to combine your colors – stir them until there are no streaks left in your paint. You will see a vibrant, classic green that equals yellow and blue. 

Now to make sage, I add 3 parts of yellow paint to the basic green to make it a vibrant grass green but keep in mind that the amount of yellow should equal the amount of green made earlier. I mix thoroughly with a brush or knife, making circular motions until the colors are evenly blended.

Next, I add a separate blob of 3 parts white to 1 part black to get gray, the size of the parts here should be about the same as the parts used to make the true green color. 

Finally, I stir the grass green and gray together to create sage green paint and keep in mind that It’s time to play with hues now. The full amount of gray and green gives me a standard shade of sage, or I can mix in small amounts of gray at a time until I get the shade I’m looking for.

Remember, you can always add more paint, but you can’t get it out so If your sage starts looking too dark, carefully add more grass green to balance out the gray and the other way if it seems too bright.

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Cactus Vase

The best Sage Green Pottery Vases 

One of the benefits of sage green pottery is that it serves as a great accent in every interior – whether it’s a big sofa or a little vase. Here is a list of sage green vases that will add a touch of elegance to every home. 

1. DAY HOME Curve Vase is an interesting combination of shape and color.

2. The Flower Vase from Marimekko was designed by Carina Seth-Andersson for your daily bouquets.

3. Dusty Green Round Glass Vase Designed by Madam Stoltz can serve as a color accent in your living room.

4.VASE SAGE GREEN CERAMIC  features contemporary matte finish. This beautiful sage green vase is the perfect pair for neutral flowers and foliage.

5. Sage Green Painted Glass from Etsy is a simple yet elegant minimalistic touch.

6. Celadon green ceramic vase decorated with cranes and bamboo in the ancient technique by Korean potters in the Goryeo Dynasty.

7. Tall Vase with Handles designed by Grand Illusions

8. Safavieh Ceramic Garden Stool

9. Leila Glass Vase in Green (Medium) in modern design

10. Green Classic Vase designed by Nordal

11. Ribbed Glass Vase Designed by Sass & Belle

12. JARS CÉRAMISTES  Perfect Angular Vase by Calade Ceramic 


14. Palina Ceramic Vase with a satin matte glaze and soft velvet feel for your sight and touch

15. Fluted Vase like a music for your home

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