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Why is Vintage Heath Ceramics so Popular?

Since the invention of fire and the beginning of the thermal processing of food, human civilization has used clay pots to prepare meals, store water, and other food that had a limited shelf life. Probably you stumble upon the Heath ceramic if you are wondering why this specific type is so popular, this text is just for you.

Heath ceramics is popular because of functional and timeless design. This handcrafted and beautiful designed dishes are made in Sausalito, California since 1948 by Edith and Brian Heath.

In the production process, clay is shaped with the use of water, and because of its elasticity, it was the best material for preparing dishes in which dishes were prepared with minimal use of oil, keeping moisture and softness of food, storing wine and water and storing wheat, semolina, and flour.

Just imagine the love for the environment and nature that serves as inspiration, to paint and glaze each piece of pottery by hand. As a result of mutual love for beauty whose inspiration is natural ingredients, you get fantastic examples of plates, plates, oven dishes, and serving trays.

Are Heath Ceramics Worth it?

When choosing dishes to prepare meals, you need to think about a few things:

  • How safe is the dish, can it satisfy the condition of meal preparation, does it release any toxic substance, or does it still keep the best of the foods you use in the meal?
  • Do the dishes in which dishes are prepared contribute to the taste and texture of food?
  • Do we have to add a lot of oil, salt, and other spices to the meal, so that the meal is tasty enough?
  • What does this dish look like when we take it out on the table, can we take it out in the bowl in which we prepared it, or do we have to soil more dishes and pour the food into several different plates and bowls?

Is it worth Investing More Money in Buying Food Preparation Utensils?

Look at it this way, meal preparation is a long-term investment in your health, intending to get enough energy and nutrients from food to be healthy, strong, and able to endure a working day, Sunday, sports training or recreation, save your strength and health for a carefree future. Buying dishes in which healthy and tasty dishes are prepared is certainly one of the steps on the way to gaining strength for everyday obligations.

To prepare meals in this dish, you do not have to worry that your children will eat dry and tasteless food, because meals prepared in clay and ceramic dishes, thanks to their composition, contribute to the preparation of delicious and healthy meals, low in fat and enough moisture. which retains all the juices in foods. In addition, your food is prepared in a dish that you can recycle and decompose, so it does not pollute the environment after it is damaged or you stop using it. I think this is reason enough to say, how is buying pottery worth it?

heath ceramics popular
Heath Ceramics – Winter collection

Who Started Heath Ceramics?

Heath Ceramics” is an American company which has been making goods for home, led by Robin and Cathy, husband and wife, since 1948. As they mentioned themselves, they are shaping the relationship they have to the things they own, as well as the way they come to own those things. 

Since 1948, it has evolved from small-scale pottery to a pure and simple way of life and business, which shares a creative heart and many forms of expression with Edith and Bryan Heath. Imagine the amount of love for clay, natural materials, and the harmless way of preparing dishes that have been widely used in the United States?

They produce everything from simple tools for cooking and dining, utensils for eating (knives for slicing, forks, and spoons). Pair it with beautiful linens for laying, and glasses for toasting, and you have got yourself a real feast. Their mission is to make goods for the way their customers eat, live, and connect.

They tested and offered their products, no matter if it was something atop our tables or beside our dinnerware, if you bake them in ovens, or fill our shelves with them – it is a gift with love from them. These pots are beautiful to look at and satisfying to hold since its durable, handcrafted ceramic dinnerware and numerous accessories. It all comes out of a modest blue factory in Sausalito, California since 1948. Those dishes can bring everyday joy, whether you are just a member of one household, a generation of students who ate in their dishes, a visitor of the museum, or a designer from any spot in the Universe. 

Is Heath Ceramics Dishwasher Safe?

Lately, when buying every piece of the dish, you worry about how easy or difficult it is to maintain. Especially when it comes to washing dishes in the dishwasher. Therefore, one of the important questions you must ask yourself even before buying is whether it is possible to wash Heart ceramics dishes in a dishwasher?

We have to offer the answer to this question with a certain amount of caution since we are talking about a limited series of dishes that are handmade, glazed, and painted with natural colors, so the care is quite specific.

After all, as we wrote in one of the previous texts on this blog, the maintenance of clay pots is very specific. Washing with detergent can be problematic as the clay is porous and can retain detergent residues, which can leak into the next dish prepared in the same dish. In case of persistent stains, the dish should be soaked in water and sprinkled with baking soda.

In the case of maintenance of Heath Ceramics, the manufacturer recommends gentle, environmentally friendly detergents. Also, mild rinse aid and gloss are recommended, so as not to damage the dishes or remove the layers of glaze.

Some of the tips when it comes to washing and maintaining Heath Ceramics are related to the following recommendations:

  • Choose a program for ceramics at a lower temperature, with lower pressure and less power of the dishwasher
  • Fill the dishwasher so that the dishes do not touch, so without overfilling the machine
  • You can put it in a separate dishwashing tour, activate the program without rinsing.

Adequate care of clay and ceramic dishes prolongs their lifespan and your enjoyment of delicious dishes that you can prepare in these dishes. In principle, these dishes are better for serving than for baking and preparing meals, but they can certainly be used in the oven and microwave.

However, you have to be extremely careful with them, as they are sensitive and fragile. If you want to bake the dish of your choice in the oven, you should put the dish at room temperature in the oven and gradually heat it.

Avoid drastic changes in temperature such as placing a cold pan in a preheated oven, as well as placing a heated pan on a cold surface, as this can lead to cracking and damage to the pan. Although it has several functions, this dish still has limitations: it is not intended for exposure to an open flame. The Heat Ceramics cannot be used to cook on the stove, even though they can be used in ovens and microwaves.

You need to be especially careful even when using cutlery on plates and dishes produced by Heath Ceramics. If you use silver cutlery, marks may remain on the plates and dishes, which is why the manufacturer recommends using stainless steel, so as not to cause damage when using cutlery and dishes. Ceramic pots are harder than silver and other metal alloys used for forks, knives, and spoons, so using them can only damage them, not the dishes. However, there are traces left after your use that are not nice to look at. 

We have completed our task here. We wrote you a piece about how ceramic pots can benefit your daily life. You are faced with a decision: which kind should you select? This page provides additional examples and information if needed.

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