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Why is pottery good for you? Quick Facts!

You probably heard of the term “creative outlet”, the theory behind it says everyone needs a hobby to express their creativity in some way. Regularly dedicating time to your creative outlet has physical and mental health benefits. Pottery lets you create objects and sculptures, that can either be useful or simply serve as art – depending on your preferences. And even if you do not care about the end product, but rather enjoy the process and the task itself, pottery offers opportunities for artists that do not wish to keep their creations.

But pottery is not just any creative outlet that benefits your mental health, its characteristics can mend multiple discomforts. For one, there is no such thing as wrong and right when working with clay.

All that matters is that you express whatever you have in mind. Furthermore, pottery is a relatively time-flexible activity. While some materials might get dry faster than others, overall, you can work as fast or slow as you like. There is no pressure in pottery, making it a stress-free and relaxed craft!

Talking about relaxation, working the clay with your hands has a calming and soothing effect on many people. In our modern society, we no longer use our hands much, and the touch of natural material can be a pleasant change. Moreover, the earthy smell of natural clay is also grounding and relaxing to some.

Furthermore, as much as pottery groups are a lot of fun, you can easily do this alone, taking some time for yourself can serve as an enjoyable break from your hectic everyday life. Overall, pottery is a great way to spend your time, whether you struggle with mental health or are just looking for some entertaining
leisure activity.

Is Pottery A Good Hobby?

But pottery is not just an art craft that also benefits your mental health with its relaxed and serene characteristics. It can also elevate and expand your horizon. During the process of pottery, you start exploring and experimenting with the material. But ultimately, you also explore within yourself and your own capabilities. Maybe you never considered yourself to be creative, but this simple activity can help you discover your creativity and, ultimately, get to know yourself better.

While you usually do pottery seated, it is still a physical activity. You move your hands, wrists, and arms.
It is a gentle exercise, that will not get you tired or exhaust your muscles. Pottery is actually good for your joint movement and dexterity. Starting this hobby can even help people who are likely to have arthritis in their hands.

We already mentioned the relaxing and soothing effects of pottery, but it can even go as far as serve as a natural painkiller. How? Often the source of pain and physical discomfort is caused by stress. Relaxing and reducing your stress level can hence also alleviate the pain you might have.

Of course, the standard way of capturing memories would be taking photos, but have you ever considered preserving special moments by turning them into art objects? That is actually how it used to be done, long before the era of photography. Some of the best-preserved artifacts are pottery pieces. In your next pottery class, you may think of something that reminds you of your last holiday, a proud achievement, or someone you love. And who knows, if your creation is sturdy enough, it might be discovered by archaeologists in the future.

Overall, pottery is not a good hobby, but a great one, that bears the potential to improve the quality of your life. Participating in art is essential for self-expression, it connects the body with your mind by making an idea in your head into a 3-dimensional object. But it is not just the creative side of pottery, learning new techniques and skills is proven to be good for your brain and keeps you engaged. And at the end of the process, you get rewarded with a sense of accomplishment that releases dopamine. A hormone that makes us feel happy.

Why You Should Take A Pottery Class?

Of course, you can just get yourself some clay and get started – pottery is literally that easy, but the best way as a pottery beginner is to join a class. They will supply all the material and the tools, so you do not have to worry about buying any and deciding on your pottery equipment.

pottery class
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While pottery is easy, having an experienced teacher helps. They can explain different clay types and utensils. In addition, you will be shown the techniques first-hand and get some feedback on how you can make the most of your pottery.
We connect with multiple things using our hands, during a pottery class you stimulate your sense of touch. At the same time, you focus on the clay in front of you, shutting out outside distractions. Being surrounded by people that relax together while making art is a phenomenal experience to have.

Last but not least, a pottery class is a social thing. And you all have already one thing in common: an interest in pottery! Classes are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, who also enjoy getting creative in their free time. This gives you conversation material and the chance to bounce creative ideas off each other. The relaxed atmosphere is also perfect for meeting people if you tend to feel shy in social settings.

Is Pottery Good For Depression?

Since we have already covered the mental health benefits of pottery, it comes as no surprise that this hobby is also good for depression. While working with the material can be soothing and relaxing, the natural flow of sculpting can also ease symptoms of depression. The earlier described release of dopamine is another effect that can help.
The time you spend in a pottery space, surrounded by crafts and potentially also people that share your interest, will let you forget about outside worries. If you have struggled with being distracted and easily losing focus, pottery is ideal to improve your concentration skills.


As you can see, the benefits of taking on pottery as a hobby are varied. Whether you are looking for a way to express yourself without learning complex techniques and investing in lots of equipment, or you need an activity to relax in your free time, pottery is great for all kinds of people. No matter your experience in crafts or artistic skills, everyone can enjoy creating objects from clay.

If you start pottery, you will feel more relaxed, improve your focus and unlock the creativity that you perhaps have not even recognized in yourself before. But it is not just the numerous benefits you can feel in yourself, at the same time you create personalized objects, that are unique and serve as wonderful presents for friends and family. Or you can decorate your home and your office with sculptures that capture wonderful memories and reflect your creativity.

If you decide to join a pottery class with other art enthusiasts and a pottery teacher, you even get to expand your social circle and make new friends. No matter what experience you currently have when it comes to arts and crafts, pottery is a hobby that almost anyone can enjoy.

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