how to fix broken ceramic

How do you fix your broken ceramic mugs?

Ceramic mugs are a very convenient appliance that comes in different shapes and sizes. They are easy to clean and much more durable than glass mugs. Apart from that, you cannot stain a ceramic mug easily. However, it can slip out of your hand as you are preparing your morning coffee and get damaged.

With a little patience, you can easily fix a broken ceramic mug. The easiest way to do so is by using glue, some paper towels, water, and soap. However, make sure that you are wearing gloves so you do not cut yourself.

I am going to try and explain how to fix a broken ceramic mug, which glue is safe to use, and whether it is safe to keep using a fixed mug. Stick around to find out a few ways to put your favorite ceramic appliance back together!

Is It Safe To Keep Using a Cracked Coffee Mug?

Cracks on your coffee mug can be harmful, but not necessarily. If you notice a crack or a scratch outside of your mug, you can safely keep using it. However, if your cup is cracked on the inside, it is best to throw it away.

Harmful bacteria can harbor such cracks and cause serious health consequences.  Pseudomonas is only one type of germs that can be found in such spots. This bacteria causes numerous infections, and can attack your lungs and bloodstream.

Pseudomonas is commonly found in soil, and ceramic is mostly made of earth elements such as clay. Therefore, you should not be using a ceramic mug that is cracked on the inside. However, you should also be careful not to ingest any ceramic particles.

Even breathing in such particles can cause respiratory diseases. Consuming it can lead to poisoning as these appliances generally contain lead. A layer of lead is used to give your mug that shiny look, and it is usually not good for your health.

On the other hand, if the damage is not on the inside part of your mug, you can keep using it. However, you do not necessarily have to keep it cracked. I will help you learn how to fix your favorite mug instead of throwing it away!

Can You Glue Ceramic Back Together?

Ceramics is a material made by mixing different elements such as clay, water, and such, to create a mass that you can later turn into the desired shape. This is how ceramic mugs and other dishes come to existence. For this reason, fixing broken ceramics is not a tedious process!

You can glue broken ceramics back together if you are using the right glue. In this case, you cannot use your regular super glue as it will not hold for long enough. Apart from that, not every glue is safe to use for dishes that will contain your food or drinks.

When fixing ceramics, make sure to put your safety first. Consider using gloves to keep yourself from getting any cuts and potential infections. Also, whichever glue you decide to use, wearing a mask might be a good idea.

Glue produces some toxic fumes, which are not necessarily too harmful depending on the glue. Regardless, too much exposure can cause minor health consequences such as dizziness. To avoid that, think about safety precautions first.

Broken ceramic mug
Broken Ceramic Mug:

What Is The Best Glue For Ceramic Cups?

Before I help you choose the right glue, I will try and explain the process of gluing broken ceramic pieces together. First, you will need to make sure that you have all of the pieces before gluing them. Try placing the pieces in the right position to ensure that none are missing.

Use some dish soap and water to rinse the pieces first. After that, dry them out with paper towels very thoroughly. Make sure that they are not wet afterward because that could get in the way of the entire process.

Once you have done that, add thin layers of the glue on both pieces and press them together. Keep them pressed for a few moments, and be extra careful not to move them around! When you notice that the glue is now dry and the bond is strong, you can remove any excess with a razor.

Now that you are familiar with this simple process, you should know which type of glue to use. As your ceramic mug will be holding liquids that you are going to consume, you need to choose a food-safe glue. It also needs to be heat and water-resistant. After all, you do not want your mug to fall apart because you have washed it in hot water.

Unfortunately, your regular super glue is not going to be enough to put your mug back together. The most preferable option is to use epoxy. This type of glue has the best chance of keeping your structure strengthened.

Epoxy is a liquid resin that also contains a hardener, which is mixed together. This constituency makes sure that you fill all of the gaps properly and ensures duration. Epoxies can come in different colors, which might be useful when you are fixing a colorful or patterned mug! They also come in various packages, such as tubes and bottles.

One of the main features of epoxy is its ability to dry quickly. Depending on your dexterity, this can be positive or negative. You need to be careful and handy as you are holding the pieces in the right place. This can save you some time. However, should you make a mistake and accidentally move the pieces, you might not like this quality as much.

Even though epoxy dries fairly quickly, it might take up to 24 hours before the object is completely cured. Therefore, you should not be using your mug immediately. I would advise you to wait for a day to be certain it will not break off.

Another unpleasantry regarding this glue is its distinct odor. I recommend you wear a mask while working with epoxy. Additionally, it is best to use it outside or in an inhabited place.

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