How Do I Choose The Right Tiny Pottery Wheel

How Do I Choose The Right Tiny Pottery Wheel?

Potter’s wheel or pottery wheel is a machine used to create round earthenware by shaping clay into desired shapes. Sometimes, it is referred to as a potter’s lathe. Researchers believe that ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed the first potter’s wheel around 3500 BC. How can I pick the right tiny pottery wheel for me? 

If you want to take your pottery wheel with you, it should be light and portable. When you need to shape pottery as you wish, a range of 0-2000RPM of adjustable rotating speed is ideal. Having a noise level less than 60Db means you can work without annoying noises. 

If there is a USB power port, you can charge it on the go for uninterrupted use. Aluminum alloy construction provides durability. You can get the highest performance with a pottery wheel that uses a powerful high-grade motor. 

Top 10 Mini Pottery Wheels

  1. Mini Pottery Wheel Machine – 2000RPM with a DIY Clay Tool

Electric, clay ceramic molding machine for adults and kids. High-quality materials combined with a compact design, making it convenient to use. For determining the right speed, speeds range from 0-2000 RPM. USB interface for mobility.

  1. Mini 6.5cm And 10cm Turntable Pottery Wheel Machine 

This is a good teaching and entertainment tool. Speed can reach up to 2300RPM under no-load conditions. Aluminum Alloy turntables for durability.

  1. Mini USB Pottery Wheel Machine 0-2300RPM/Min

High-grade Aluminum Alloy construction. USB power supply for mobile use. 2300RPM, less than 65Db for low noise operation. 

  1. 2000RPM Pottery Wheel Machine With DIY Clay Tools 

Designed to fulfill the needs of amateur ceramic art lovers and professionals. Energy-saving, safe and reliable. Made of rust-free metal.  2000RPM, Rotating wheel diameter: 6cm, weight: 205g.

  1. Small Pottery Wheel With Tray For DIY Ceramic Work Clay Art Crafts

Durable Aluminum Alloy dense structure. Adjustable speed, 1500RPM steady wheel rotation. Suitable for teaching purposes. Compact design is ideal for mud shielding.

  1. Yofuly Mini Pottery Wheel

High-grade motor for best performance. 0-2000 RPM speed. Temperature-resistant Aluminum Alloy turntable. Noise is less than 65Db for quiet operation. USB interface for mobility.

  1. Miniature Pottery Wheel 6.5cm And 10cm Turntable 

Equipped with two turntables for different sized pottery. Sound is less than 60Db for quiet operation. The wheel can reach significant speeds up to 2000RPM. 

  1. Best Small Electric Pottery Wheel Machine With Mini Turntables

Operates with minimum noise as the wheels rotate steadily. Adjustable speed for convenience. Ceramic body spray treatment for durability and good mud shielding. 

  1. 1500RPM Mini Electric Pottery Wheel Machine

Made from high-grade materials to resist corrosion and ensure durability. 0-1500RPM rotatory speed. Powerful motor for best performance. Two turntables allow different-sized pottery. Wheel diameter: 6cm. Noiseless operation. 

  1. Pottery Wheel Studio For Beginners

Featuring a standard plug to provide maximum spinning power. Includes a pressure-sensitive foot pedal for hands-free operation. This allows your child to operate it easily even with his left hand. Innovative double-reinforced motor for enhanced performance.

How Do I Use A Mini Pottery Wheel?

Place a small amount of clay on the disc. The clay needs some water to wet it. To help the clay ball adhere, add a bit of water to the disc. Make your hands wet. Just press the clay on top of it right in the center.

Pottery Needs To Be In The Right Shape: How Can I Achieve This?

Using your index and pinky fingers, press the clay’s side to form the right shape as you speed up the wheel. Use your pinky finger to open it up. Trim the excess clay from the pottery with the pointed tool provided. 

You can help your clay pottery become firm by drying it with a blower lamp. Separate your creation from the turntable using the thread. I will show you a video that teaches you how to throw a miniature vase on a mini pottery wheel.

What Are The Best Small Pottery Wheels For Beginners?

  1. Speedball Artista: It has a motor with one-third horsepower that can center 11 kg (25 lbs) of clay. Both standing and seated use are possible with this product. Rugged steel and high-impact plastic materials are used to resist wear and tear.
  1. Skutt Kick Wheel: This device is bolted together to make it easy to take apart and move from place to place. A heavy flywheel cast of cement ensures balance. This kicking device rides on a heavy-duty smooth bearing, so kicking is effortless. Adjustable seat for comfortable use.  
  1. Speedball Clay Boss: Reversible, half-horsepower industrial motor for smooth operation. Sturdy, load-sensing wheel to allow you to maintain the ideal speed under changing loads. 45kg (100lb) centering capacity and 0-240 RPM variable motor speeds.
  1. Brent Model C: Three-fourth HP motor allows you to throw up to 102kg (225lb) of clay. Electronic speed variables operate in reverse mode as well. Featuring a speed range of 0-240 RPMs and a 4-foot pedal made from cast aluminum, this pedal gives you maximum control.

What Kind Of Clay Can We Use For A Mini Pottery Wheel?

Polymer clay is mainly used in miniature pottery as you do not want to heat it in a pottery oven. But you can also use Air-Dry clay that has similar qualities to porcelain clay and is made with cellulose fiber in combination with natural clay. 

How Does Miniature Pottery Benefit Children?

This keeps your child engaged throughout the day, increasing their creativity. Working with clay enhances your child’s motor skills because it requires lots of hand-eye coordination. Children can absorb things at their own pace with pottery, which helps them develop their sensory skills. 

A child’s self-esteem grows when he realizes that he can create something on his own. In addition, they learn how to solve problems without their parental guidance. As a teaching tool, you can use it to build up family interaction with the children and the parents.

Why Is It Important To Have A Reversible motor In Pottery Wheel?

Some potters prefer right-handed or left-handed throwing, while others throw both right and left-handed. With a reversible motor, the wheel can accommodate any of them. 

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