Using pottery in cooking

Top 5 benefits of using earthen pots!

During ancient times our ancestors used earthen pots for cooking. Earthen pots or clay pots are made of clay which is molded by hand and baked. Throughout the years we have shifted into different cookware like steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and more, but nothing can beat the benefits of using the traditional earthen pots. Now, let me give you a glimpse of the top 5 benefits of using earthen pots.

  1. It keeps the water cool

    Due to the presence of the natural minerals in the earthen pots, they will naturally add to the water that you put in it. The open pores of clay pots will allow the process of evaporation, hence making the water cool genuinely and helps you to prevent diseases like sinusitis, colds, and cough.
  2. Less use of oil

    Since clay holds a natural absorbent property, It absorbs oil which you can use for 2 to 3 times. Earthen pots naturally retain all the oil and moisture of the food which means you are not required to use more oil or fats that make your food healthier.
  3. Adds natural minerals to the food

    Currently, a large percentage of the human population is deficient in the minerals found in earthen pots, which are beneficial for health. These nutrients include calcium, phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, and Manganese presented in the right quantities. Therefore, preparing food in clay pots will weigh up its mineral content, making your food healthiest. It also helps in the prevention of various diseases like Bronchitis, Asthma, and Cancer.
  4. Neutralizes acidity

    One of the health benefits of using earthen pots for cooking is they are alkaline, which leads to neutralizing the acidic value of the food, which prevents stomach irritation or digestion-related problems.
  5. Makes the food more delicious

    The lower flame makes the tastier food. The porous surface on an earthen pot provides an ideal environment for food to cook slowly and retain all the nutrients and fibers. The natural aroma of clay and the slow cooking process it takes to prepare food adds up 10 times better taste in the food as compared to other cookware which, is one of the great benefits of clay pots for cooking.

What Were The Earthen Pots Used For?

Ceramic artifacts like earthen pots are the most common type of cultural material found in archaeological sites and excavations around the world. Using earthen pots is very common in Asian culture. In India, earthen pots are referred to by the Hindi word “matki” and in the Philippines, it is called “palayok.”.

Earthen pots are common in a household it is usually used for water storage/cooler and for cooking. It is also used for aesthetic purposes. Ranging into different forms of home decoration, its exquisite design will always catch your attention.

Gardeners also love earthen pots for plant containers because, they can help prevent soil diseases as the porous walls allow air and water to move easily, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage depending on the plant’s needs. They are an eco-friendly choice for gardening; they help control moisture. If you need some Garden Pottery ideas, jump into this article.

On the other hand, earthen pots are also used as burial jars. It is noted to have been practiced as early as BCE 4500. The origin of this practice is the different concepts of death held by different cultures.

How Do Earthen Pots Work?

The process of evaporation is the conversion of liquid into a gaseous state. An earthen pot is naturally porous. Vaporization is the process that takes place in every part of the environment. Similarly, the vaporization that helps water kept in an earthen pot becomes cool during summer.

Water placed in earthen pots is evaporated from minuscule pores it has as it is made of mud particles.  There are many extremely small pores in an earthen pot through which the water kept inside the pot keeps on evaporating and takes the latent heat required for vaporization from the earthen pot and remaining water. The earthen pot and water hence lose heat, and this makes the water inside the pot cool.

This evaporation of water produces a cooling effect.  Some of the heat energy that is generated is used in the process of evaporation. Hence, water stored in earthen pots tends to become cooler in summer.

In cooking, the earthen pots get heated slowly and cook the food slowly as compared to aluminum or other metallic utensils. Clay pot’s porous nature allows both steam and heat to circulate through the food, which results in thorough yet aromatic cooked food.

Earthen pots
Earthen pots

What Are The 4 Main Reasons Why We Should Use Earthen Pots?

  1. Environment friendly

    Due to the current environmental situations prevailing in our surroundings, it is the duty and responsibility of everyone to use more renewable and recyclable products. It is a known fact that not all the products can be recycled, in which case, using products that have a high level of recyclability is advisable. Earthenware products/ Earthen pots are easily recycled, and its recyclability rate is also extremely high.

    From broken pots to old utensils, all can be recycled completely, with the help of a simple process, and can be carved easily and quickly into newly desirable shapes.

    The recyclability rate of clay is 95 percent. This is a very high rate, highlighting that people should buy terracotta products more for preserving the environment. All the products that are made of clay possess the attribute of being highly durable and they are built with the focus of being long-lasting. It is due to this aspect that they can tolerate a high level of wear and tear. In addition to this, the product has a high level of weather and heat resistance.
  2. Economical and easily available

    It is cheaper as compared to any other types of cooking utensils. You can easily buy them in different shapes & sizes without making a hole in your pocket. And aside from that there are many shops that sells earthen pots so, you will not have any difficulty of buying it.
  3. Relive our Culture and tradition

    Looking back at historical accounts around the world, pottery / earthen pots culture had become a part of our heritage. Due to archaeological diggings and historical studies, these traditions were known to have shaped the kind of living in our Society. Cooking in the earthen pots is a forgotten long back and using it nowadays can relive our heritage.
  4. Sustain the Pottery / Ceramic Industry

    Through using earthen pots, we can sustain our resources as well as the livelihood of our pot’s maker.

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